AquaZulu Flotation Belt by Zulu Fitness Systems

AquaZulu Belt

Manufactured in the USA by Zulu Fitness Systems, the AquaZulu flotation belt is a hardy vinyl-coated belt that offers excellent buoyancy when compared to its peers. The balanced design helps the wearer to maintain an upright position while jogging, walking, or “aerobicizing.” The vinyl design resists denting and can be easily repaired at home with sealant purchased from a hardware store.

One Beautiful Belt; Myriad Uses

Folks from all walks of life love the Zulu Belt for its versatility. It’s primarily designed for water exercise. Many high-level athletes rely on the AquaZulu for cross-training or for maintaining muscle and cardiovascular health when injuries arise. But this jog belt is not just for athletic purposes. Aquatic therapy practitioners utilize this belt during patient sessions to combat troubling diseases like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, etc. Moreover, recreational swimmers benefit from a little extra support, and snorkelers often use the belt for extra peace of mind in the open ocean. But, it should be remembered that no flotation belt is meant to be a life-saving device and you should never rely on one for life-saving purposes.

Where to Buy

At this time, the AquaZulu is sold solely by AquaGear Swim Shop. Fortunately, they ship worldwide and offer facility discounts for schools, community pools, etc.

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