Hydro-Fit Wave Belt Review

Hydro-Fit Wave Belt
The Wave Belt by Hydro-fit is ideal for novice swimmers and water exercisers with weaker core muscles. The Wave Belt provides even buoyancy for an effortless upright position.

Hydro-Fit knows that you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Their Classic Wave Belt, a traditional jog belt with no added bells or whistles, continues to please aqua aerobics exercisers worldwide. If you’re in the market for a solid, comfortable flotation belt to keep you easily upright, check out my review of the Hydro-Fit Wave Belt below.

Made with soft EVA foam, the Wave belt is flexible enough to hug the curves of the waist and conform to the natural shape of the body. In fact, the pliable foam means that this belt will further adapt to its owners individual body shape with time. The foam is soft enough on the skin, and simultaneously durable enough to withstand a vigorous water jogging workout. Available in small, medium, and large options, the Hydro-Fit Wave Belt gives every water jogger the chance to get a customized fit that won’t ride or chafe.

Not only does the material perform well in the water, but it also dries quickly when out of the water. Because the foam material is closed-cell, it won’t soak up water, but will simply allow the water to “roll off.” This quick-drying feature means that your Hydro-Fit belt will last longer than other, water-logging workout equipment.

Rather than just supporting your back with extra foam, as many other designs do, the Hydro-Fit Wave Belt’s foam is evenly distributed, making it easier to stay vertical during your workout. The added buoyancy is ideal for deep water exercisers, but can even allow timid swimmers to feel more secure. The Classic Wave Belt also features a quick release buckle and adjustable strap, so you can easily share the belt with a spouse or friend.

All in all, the Hydro-Fit Wave Belt does exactly what I asked of it. I gave it high scores for its stay-put power (as most belts tend to ride up) and its versatility since this belt is one of the only to allow users to swim horizontally as well as exercise in a vertical position.

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