AquaJogger Shape Belt Review

The AquaJogger Shape Belt is a high quality, easy-to-manage flotation belt that’s great for men and women of all sizes and ages. AquaJogger says the low-back cut of the Shape Belt is “ideal for weight loss and pregnancy” because it helps the user to maintain an easier upright position, while supporting the lower back. Although marketed to women to accommodate the hips, especially while pregnant, this belt is great for anyone with a “pear-shaped” body. If you have more mass up top, this evenly-cut foam belt will keep you vertical without much effort.

Compared to the AquaJogger Classic Belt, the Shape Belt’s 4″ of extra foam (in length) allows it to easily fit exercisers with wider waistlines. In order to distribute buoyancy more evenly on a larger frame, its foam back is a bit longer on the sides and shorter in the arch. In deep water, this design will keep you confident.

AquaJogger Shape Belt

The AquaJogger Shape comes with a 48″ woven elastic belt, which is equipped with a large quick-release buckle that’s fairly easy to unsnap, even for those with a weaker grip. The strap’s elasticity allows for a more comfortable wearing experience compared to similar belts which do not flex along with the user. And, depending on your personal needs and body type, the Shape Belt can be worn in several ways: wear it upside down for more lower back support, or slide the buckle to the back for more frontal support.

Besides being specifically designed for effortless vertical buoyancy, the AquaJogger Shape Belt was also designed with comfort in mind. The soft-to-the-touch EVA foam is truly comfortable and doesn’t cause any unpleasantness rubbing against the skin. The foam narrows at the waist for comfort and to give wearers the highest level of freedom of movement. It will allow you to use your arms and legs without bunching, sliding, or getting in the way.

The AquaJogger Shape Belt is widely used for abdominal exercises as well as cardio work. Paired with any number of water exercise devices, like hand buoys, resistance cuffs, or swim gloves, the Shape Belt fits close to the body and out of the way of arm movements.

Overall, the AquaJogger Shape Belt is really best for wider-waisted folks looking for a secure fit and ease-of-use.

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AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt Review

Made with thicker foam than the original AquaJogger, the AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt provides 50% more buoyancy than the Classic. Because of its greater flotation potential, the AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt is a great choice for athletes and others who have a hard time staying afloat on their own accord. Read the review below to find out what users had to say about the Pro Plus.

AquaJogger Pro Plus Flotation Belt
The Pro Plus Belt offers buoyancy above and beyond the standard model, making it the ideal choice for lean-bodied athletes, men, and other “sinkers.”

Made For Athletes and Other Lean Folks

The reviews are in, and if you’re a natural ‘sinker’, then this is the belt for you. Larger body types, those that carry more fat, require less buoyancy. But, leaner, more muscular body types are more dense, and therefore require more buoyancy to stay afloat in the water. As the most buoyant AquaJogger model, the Pro Plus Belt is an ideal flotation aide for lean, muscular men and women, and those with very little body fat. It easily maintains a head-above-water position while you deep water jog, do aqua aerobics, or rehabilitate in the pool. Rather than sizing their product by weight, as many other flotation belts do, AquaJogger belts are sized by waist because AquaJogger understands the principles of water in relation to body fat density.

The AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt can also be worn in a few different ways to help switch up your workout routine. Wear the belt traditionally (with the back arching upward) for great support and a built-in core workout. Or, as some users have suggested, try wearing the belt upside down to challenge the body’s balance.

To Sum Up…

We were definitely impressed with the Pro Plus Belt’s quality. As with most AquaJogger products, the belt is made in the USA and made to last. Some swimmers did report that this belt felt cumbersome or bulky, but remember that it’s designed for vertical water exercise, and not necessarily for swimming. If you have higher percentage of body fat, you won’t need as much support, and might be better off with a thinner, less buoyant jogging belt, like the Wave Belt by Hydro-Fit.

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AquaJogger Junior Flotation Belt Review

Manufactured in the USA by one of the most highly-regarded water exercise brands, the AquaJogger Junior Belt is a great choice for kids learning to swim. AquaJogger recommends the belt for ages 3-12, but some petite women can get away with a Junior belt as well. The AquaJogger Junior provides kids with a feeling of security and stability as they learn how to locomote through water.

AquaJogger Junior
This is the same belt I wore as a child. My parents referred to me as the “Jolly Jogger” because a huge smile would come over my face as soon as I was strapped in.

Extra-Buoyant For an Extra-Secure Feeling

It’s made from thick foam (about 2″ thick), making it one of the most buoyant kid’s flotation belts available. It’s great for more timid children because it gives excellent full body flotation, while providing a sense of physical stability and mental support to a learning child.

Remember: No flotation belt is meant to serve as a life-saving device and you should never rely on one as such. Never leave a child unattended in a belt. If you need a life-saving device that will keep your child’s head above water, look for a life jacket with a Level 1 or Level 2 rating.

For Swimming, Floating & Playing

The AquaJogger Junior can be used for children beginning to swim on their front, and for those learning to float on their back. Unlike bulky life jackets, which can restrict torso and arm movement (not to mention ride up uncomfortably around the neck) the junior belt leaves a child’s arms free to practice upper body skills. And, because the belt sits at the body’s fulcrum point (the waist), the legs and head are in a more natural position than most children can achieve without a flotation aide. Above all, the AquaJogger Junior Belt boosts childrens’ confidence in their swimming skills and diminishes unfounded fear of water.

Comfy & Reliable

The junior belt is soft to the touch and lays comfortably against swimsuits and bare skin. The adjustable belt fits children ages 3 to 12 and, most importantly, won’t ride up or slip while in the water, when fitted properly. While the AquaJogger Junior Belt does provide a good deal of support in the water, it’s important for any parent or adult supervisor to remember that it does not take the place of adult supervision or a life-saving device.

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AquaJogger Belts Compared

The AquaJogger is a supportive flotation belt with many uses including fitness, training and therapy purposes. AquaJogger jog belts are designed to suspend your body at shoulder level in the water. These flotation belts give you the opportunity to perform typical land-based activities under water – such as jogging or even cross-country skiing. AquaJogger belts offer a safe alternative to harsh land-based activities by reducing impact on the joints and increasing resistance on the muscles.

Myriad factors can affect how buoyant a person is in the water, including body fat percentage and muscle density. A person with a lower body fat percentage will tend to sink, and therefore may need a swim belt with extra buoyancy. Someone who is pregnant or has a higher body fat percentage will not need that same high degree of buoyancy from their belt, but may need more lower back support. Thankfully, there are numerous models of AquaJogger belts to accommodate everyone’s needs – such as the Classic, Fit, Pro and more. The design of your AquaJogger determines its function, so choosing the correct belt is important in order to get the most out of your aquatic exercise endeavour.

What’s the Difference?

AquaJogger Classic Belt
The AquaJogger Classic.

For “Average” Users

Although I’m sure you’re much more than average, these belts are suited to new users and those that fall in the “normal” body weight range.

For the average individual, the Classic belt for women and Pro belt for men are generally a great fit. The Pro belt is 30% more buoyant than the original Classic AquaJogger belt, accounting for men’s typically-lower body fat percentage. Both of these belts have a raised back arch which causes core muscles to engage, adding to your workout.

For Active Folks

The belts below are designed with maximum buoyancy and are shaped to contour athletic bodies.

For an athletic person with a lower body fat percentage, the Fit belt for women or Pro Plus belt for men are ideal choices. The Fit belt is generally designed for fit, short-waisted women. It has tapered sides for comfort around the hips and more buoyancy than the Classic belt. The Pro Plus is great for men with a very low body fat percentage and for others who tend to sink in the water. It is 50% more buoyant than the Classic belt. Like the Classic and Pro belts, the above models also engage core muscles for a better workout in the water.

For Larger Waistlines

AquaJogger Shape Belt
The AquaJogger Shape.

Designed for pregnancy and weight loss, the AquaJogger Shape relieves back pain and is designed to make vertical positioning easier.

For those whom have wider waists and/or higher body fat percentages, the Shape belt for women and the Shape Pro belt for men work well. They both evenly distribute buoyancy, and have a lower arch to assist in maintaining vertical posture in the water. These belts are also great for pregnant women and people suffering from lower back pain as they take pressure off of the back.

The Classic and Active belt are unisex, so anyone can choose to go this route if unsure about which belt to choose. The Classic is height and weight proportionate and therefore is extremely versatile. The Active has a nylon belt that does not stretch and is thought to be the most economical model for more active individuals.

For The Kids

You dare not leave them out! This belt is perfect for beginning swimmers.

The AquaJogger Junior belt is intended for children as a learn-to-swim aid, and is designed for anyone 90 pounds or under. It is great for helping children to feel more comfortable and independent in the water. Beyond that, the AquaJogger Jr. promotes proper alignment which can be highly beneficial to children in the early learning stages of swimming lessons.

While everyone’s body type is slightly different, AquaJogger has designed a wide range of swim belts to accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you are an athlete looking to take your swim training to the next level, or are pregnant and looking to decrease your lower back pain, AquaJogger makes a belt for you. The next step is to choose which belt is right for you and enjoy taking control of your aquatic fitness!

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