Water Gear Water Runner Flotation Belt Review

The Water Gear Water Runner Belt is a uniquely shaped flotation belt with a patented design that helps users maintain proper balance during deep water exercises, while challenging the core muscles simultaneously. It’s less bulky than other traditional jogging belts and is a favorite among experienced and beginner aqua aerobics exercisers alike.

Water Gear Water Runner Flotation Belt
Water Gear Belts are one of the most economical flotation belt options and are sized simply, according to weight.

For A Core-Focused Water Workout

The Water Runner jog belt sports a unique bone-like shape. The foam portion of the device is widest at each end and narrow in the middle. An adjustable woven belt, complete with safety buckle, runs through the foam and clips at the front of the body. Those who’ve used the Water Runner Belt love that the device is easy to put on and quick to adjust. The lightweight, yet durable, foam is thin enough to wrap comfortably around the waist, yet is thick enough to support the body in a vertical position. Many exercisers that tried the belt out were impressed with the Water Runner’s design which requires wearers to engage the core slightly to remain upright in the water. It’s slim design keeps you afloat without hampering arm movement whatsoever.


In addition to being adjustable, the Water Gear belt is also available in 4 different sizes. Being able to choose between Extra Small (for 100lbs or less), Small (100lbs – 160lbs), Medium (160lbs – 220lbs) and Large (220lbs and up) gives users the chance to get a device that’s fully optimized for their workout needs.

For Swimmers, Too!

The Water Runner Belt is trusted by elite athletes and trainers all over the world. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete in order to enjoy this easy to use device. In fact, some users claim that the belt can even be used to aide beginner swimmers while they learn the basics of a stroke. The Water Gear Water Runner belt’s slim, balanced design supports the body from all sides. This helps new swimmers, and even non-swimmers, feel more comfortable and secure in the water. It is important to remember that the Water Runner Belt is not a lifesaving device and should not be used in place of experienced, adult supervision.

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