AquaJogger Shape Belt Review

The AquaJogger Shape Belt is a high quality, easy-to-manage flotation belt that’s great for men and women of all sizes and ages. AquaJogger says the low-back cut of the Shape Belt is “ideal for weight loss and pregnancy” because it helps the user to maintain an easier upright position, while supporting the lower back. Although marketed to women to accommodate the hips, especially while pregnant, this belt is great for anyone with a “pear-shaped” body. If you have more mass up top, this evenly-cut foam belt will keep you vertical without much effort.

Compared to the AquaJogger Classic Belt, the Shape Belt’s 4″ of extra foam (in length) allows it to easily fit exercisers with wider waistlines. In order to distribute buoyancy more evenly on a larger frame, its foam back is a bit longer on the sides and shorter in the arch. In deep water, this design will keep you confident.

AquaJogger Shape Belt

The AquaJogger Shape comes with a 48″ woven elastic belt, which is equipped with a large quick-release buckle that’s fairly easy to unsnap, even for those with a weaker grip. The strap’s elasticity allows for a more comfortable wearing experience compared to similar belts which do not flex along with the user. And, depending on your personal needs and body type, the Shape Belt can be worn in several ways: wear it upside down for more lower back support, or slide the buckle to the back for more frontal support.

Besides being specifically designed for effortless vertical buoyancy, the AquaJogger Shape Belt was also designed with comfort in mind. The soft-to-the-touch EVA foam is truly comfortable and doesn’t cause any unpleasantness rubbing against the skin. The foam narrows at the waist for comfort and to give wearers the highest level of freedom of movement. It will allow you to use your arms and legs without bunching, sliding, or getting in the way.

The AquaJogger Shape Belt is widely used for abdominal exercises as well as cardio work. Paired with any number of water exercise devices, like hand buoys, resistance cuffs, or swim gloves, the Shape Belt fits close to the body and out of the way of arm movements.

Overall, the AquaJogger Shape Belt is really best for wider-waisted folks looking for a secure fit and ease-of-use.

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