AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt Review

Made with thicker foam than the original AquaJogger, the AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt provides 50% more buoyancy than the Classic. Because of its greater flotation potential, the AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt is a great choice for athletes and others who have a hard time staying afloat on their own accord. Read the review below to find out what users had to say about the Pro Plus.

AquaJogger Pro Plus Flotation Belt
The Pro Plus Belt offers buoyancy above and beyond the standard model, making it the ideal choice for lean-bodied athletes, men, and other “sinkers.”

Made For Athletes and Other Lean Folks

The reviews are in, and if you’re a natural ‘sinker’, then this is the belt for you. Larger body types, those that carry more fat, require less buoyancy. But, leaner, more muscular body types are more dense, and therefore require more buoyancy to stay afloat in the water. As the most buoyant AquaJogger model, the Pro Plus Belt is an ideal flotation aide for lean, muscular men and women, and those with very little body fat. It easily maintains a head-above-water position while you deep water jog, do aqua aerobics, or rehabilitate in the pool. Rather than sizing their product by weight, as many other flotation belts do, AquaJogger belts are sized by waist because AquaJogger understands the principles of water in relation to body fat density.

The AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt can also be worn in a few different ways to help switch up your workout routine. Wear the belt traditionally (with the back arching upward) for great support and a built-in core workout. Or, as some users have suggested, try wearing the belt upside down to challenge the body’s balance.

To Sum Up…

We were definitely impressed with the Pro Plus Belt’s quality. As with most AquaJogger products, the belt is made in the USA and made to last. Some swimmers did report that this belt felt cumbersome or bulky, but remember that it’s designed for vertical water exercise, and not necessarily for swimming. If you have higher percentage of body fat, you won’t need as much support, and might be better off with a thinner, less buoyant jogging belt, like the Wave Belt by Hydro-Fit.

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  1. aerobic training. Cross-training oponits are cycling, swimming and the option that I like the best, running in a pool with a flotation vest. This is the closest substitute to running and is used by many athletes to

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