AquaJogger Junior Flotation Belt Review

Manufactured in the USA by one of the most highly-regarded water exercise brands, the AquaJogger Junior Belt is a great choice for kids learning to swim. AquaJogger recommends the belt for ages 3-12, but some petite women can get away with a Junior belt as well. The AquaJogger Junior provides kids with a feeling of security and stability as they learn how to locomote through water.

AquaJogger Junior
This is the same belt I wore as a child. My parents referred to me as the “Jolly Jogger” because a huge smile would come over my face as soon as I was strapped in.

Extra-Buoyant For an Extra-Secure Feeling

It’s made from thick foam (about 2″ thick), making it one of the most buoyant kid’s flotation belts available. It’s great for more timid children because it gives excellent full body flotation, while providing a sense of physical stability and mental support to a learning child.

Remember: No flotation belt is meant to serve as a life-saving device and you should never rely on one as such. Never leave a child unattended in a belt. If you need a life-saving device that will keep your child’s head above water, look for a life jacket with a Level 1 or Level 2 rating.

For Swimming, Floating & Playing

The AquaJogger Junior can be used for children beginning to swim on their front, and for those learning to float on their back. Unlike bulky life jackets, which can restrict torso and arm movement (not to mention ride up uncomfortably around the neck) the junior belt leaves a child’s arms free to practice upper body skills. And, because the belt sits at the body’s fulcrum point (the waist), the legs and head are in a more natural position than most children can achieve without a flotation aide. Above all, the AquaJogger Junior Belt boosts childrens’ confidence in their swimming skills and diminishes unfounded fear of water.

Comfy & Reliable

The junior belt is soft to the touch and lays comfortably against swimsuits and bare skin. The adjustable belt fits children ages 3 to 12 and, most importantly, won’t ride up or slip while in the water, when fitted properly. While the AquaJogger Junior Belt does provide a good deal of support in the water, it’s important for any parent or adult supervisor to remember that it does not take the place of adult supervision or a life-saving device.

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