4 Water Exercises to Refresh Your Routine

Are you new to water aerobics? An old pro looking to spice up your current workout? Either way, you’ll want to strap on your water jogging belt and check out the under-utilized water exercises below:

Belted Jumping Jacks

For Elevating Your Heart Rate

Not only can you use your flotation belt to jog, but you can perform deep water ‘jacks’ as well. Jumping jacks are a great way to keep your heart rate elevated when you’re burned out from water jogging. Just like on dry land, swing your legs out in a wide V stance and throw your hands up to the surface of the water. Return back to starting position in a forceful, rapid motion. Remember: if your arms are above the water, you’re not benefitting from the water’s added resistance.

Side Step

For Improved Balance and Coordination

Instead of sticking with a stale forward or backward movement, try incorporating some side stepping into your next workout. Pretend that you’re stepping over a big hurdle just to your right. Move one way all the way down the pool before switching sides, or mix it up by jumping back and forth over imaginary hurdles on your left and right side, alternatively.

High Knees/Butt Kicks

For Long, Shapely Legs

Changing the position of your legs and knees can make your normal water jogging workout feel brand new. Next time you’re in the water, try lifting your knees high for a miliary-style water run. Or, work the opposite side of your legs by kicking your buttocks with each leg movement. Each of these easy-to-adjust alternatives gives you a more exciting, more challenging workout.

Slalom Crunch

For Toning Your Core

At the end of a cardio session, mix in a few ab exercises for a full body workout. For the slalom crunch, tuck your knees towards your chest. Then, with a purposeful movement, straighten your legs out to one side of your body. Bring your knees back, and straighten them to the other side. The movement will resemble skiing down a giant slalom and will build core strength in no time.

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