Types of Flotation Belts

Flotation belts have multiple uses, and therefore come in multiple varieties. Belts can be used for swimming technique improvement, buoyancy and sometimes even for peace of mind in the water. There are three main types of flotation belts: high-backed belts, evenly distributed belts, and high-front belts. All three belt types are typically made of flexible EVA foam, while the style of the belt determines its function.

AquaJogger Classic Belt
The AquaJogger Classic Belt features a high back and will lean the user forward toward the water’s surface.

AquaJogger belts (and other similar models) provide a large amount of back support, which promotes proper spinal alignment. By pushing the swimmer forward in the water, they require engagement of the core muscles in order for the user to remain upright. These belts are best for swimmers looking to improve posture and strengthen their core.

Wave Belts and other long, tapered belts have the simplest design. Belts with foam that is evenly distributed around the waist balance buoyancy around the torso, allowing for an easier vertical position. These types of flotation belts are best for fearful users and those wishing to avoid core engagement for various reasons.

Water Gear Water Runner Flotation Belt
The Water Gear Water Runner Belt features frontal foam for an easy leaned-back position.

On the other hand, belts like the Water Gear Water Runner belt provide more foam toward the front and sides of the body, encouraging a relaxed position and relieving stress on the lower back. These belts are great for elderly or weaker individuals who are looking for comfort and ease of use.

No matter the style, all flotation belts provide support and stability in the water. Whether you are looking to change up your swim workout or to find comfort when walking in the water, there is a flotation belt style to suit your need.

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