Flotation Belt Care Guide

If you’re an avid water aerobics exerciser, then you already know how important your flotation belt is to your workout routine. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to perform all those heart-pounding, deep water exercises that make water aerobics so effective. To keep your belt going as strong as you, follow the flotation belt care guide below.

Aqua Sphere Ergo Belt

Always Rinse

Though flotation belts are typically made from durable materials, chlorine and salt water are highly corrosive to all types of workout gear. That’s why it’s extremely important to rinse your jog belt immediately after every pool session. Simply rinse your belt off with fresh water for a few seconds and you’re good to go.

Fully Dry

Equally as important as rinsing, allowing your flotation belt to dry completely helps keep it looking and working its best. If you’re headed home in the car, you can towel dry the belt. Or, if you’re using your own home pool, just give it an ample amount of time to air dry in a dark, well-ventilated location. Mesh swim gear bags, which allow for adequate air flow, make it easy for you to dry your flotation belt while on the go.

Protect from the Sun

Just as the sun’s rays can harm your skin’s outer layer, the sun is also damaging to the outer layer of a flotation belt. As soon as you’re out of the water, it’s important to keep your flotation belt away from direct sunlight to avoid flaking and color loss. Be sure to store the device in a shaded, moderate temperature environment.

Adults Only

Kids are prone to the idea that flotation belts are fun pool toys, which is why you might want to keep your belt in an adult-access-only location. Although they mean no harm, young children can easily damage an expensive flotation belt by bending, twisting, or (their favorite move) biting the foamy material.

Keep Separate

The final step to take to keep your flotation belt looking and feeling as new as possible is to store it flat and separately from other swim gear. This will reduce the occurrence of dents and chips in the material and allow it to be stay flexible and puncture free.

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