Water Gear Aqua Trim Belt Review

Water Gear Aqua Trim Belt
The Water Gear Aqua Trim flotation belt provides an even distribution of buoyancy – making this belt ideal for seniors and those with weaker core muscles.

The Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt is a classically-styled & simple-to-use flotation device that keeps you comfortably supported during deep water exercises, or adds a bit of peace of mind to your swim. Water aerobics enthusiasts and cross training athletes worldwide have benefitted from this affordable flotation belt. See what makes this ‘better than expected’ workout device stand out from the rest.

Swimmers using the Water Gear Water Runner belt for aqua aerobics classes love the contoured fit which doesn’t impede arm movement like jumping jacks and cross-country skiing. The Aqua Trim Belt’s design sits just below the rib cage and just above the hips. Because of this fit, users were impressed with the belt’s ability to support their upper body without restricting range of motion, making it a perfect choice for aqua aerobics, deep water running, and rehabilitation purposes.

Of all the positive features the Water Gear Aqua Trim Belt delivers to users, it’s lumbar support is consistently one of the highest ranked features. While other flotation belts may pack buoyancy on to the front, sides, or back of the body, the Aqua Trim Flotation Belt fully surrounds the waist for 360 degrees of support. This means that you won’t be leaned forward or backwards during your workout. Instead, you’ll get easy-to-maintain vertical support – meaning that your head and neck will be kept well above water, without much extra effort on your part. Even non-swimmers who have taken to deep water rehab and aerobics put their trust in this belt because it assists the user in maintaining an upright position. For more experienced users, a belt with more foam toward the back – like the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt – will lean the user forward thus, engaging the body’s postural muscles.

For an ideal fit, the Aqua Trim Flotation Belt is available in 3 different sizes. Users have noted that the medium size runs a tad small, so keep that in mind while shopping.

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